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How To Reset Netgear Router | routerlogin.net

Netgear Nighthawk X4 DOCSIS 3.1

The Netgear builds its routers and other networking devices with much accuracy and precision. The Netgear wireless range of devices includes the modems, routers, range extenders and the switches for access points etc.

The Nighthawk X4 DOCSIS 3.1 modem/router is an exceptional device from Netgear that delivers ultra-fast network and internet speed over the network. The Netgear networking devices can be accessed and configured through the web address www.routerlogin.net. If the users face any access issue while logging in to the Netgear router through routerlogin.net, then they can try to access the router admin page through the default IP address of the router i.e. or

Netgear router reset procedure

Although the Netgear router routerlogin.net devices are much efficient and proactive in their working, usually the Netgear wireless routers don’t kick back with any kind of issues. However, exceptions are always there and the router can malfunction due to one of the following reasons listed below.

  • Improper wired connection
  • Forgotten login password of the router
  • Improper voltage supply to the router
  • Hardware damage by rough handling
  • routerlogin.net page is not working

All the above-mentioned points may lead the user towards resetting their router. The Netgear router can be reset through one of the two methods mentioned below.
Reset through the reset button
Reset through the web interface (routerlogin.net)

Reset through the reset button

This is the easiest and fastest method of resetting any networking device particularly the routers. You just need to push the factory reset button given on the router. Follow the detailed guide about resetting the router successfully.

  1. Assuming that your router is still connected in the network and the power supply of the router is on.
  2. Just insert a pinpointed object like a paper clip or paper pin into the pinhole of the reset button and push the reset button.
  3. Push and hold the reset button for at least 5 seconds or until the LEDs on the front indicator panel goes off. This means that you have to keep the button pushed till the router reboots.
  4. Now, all the settings and other personal information on the router will be erased and you will get you into its original factory settings.

Reset through routerlogin.net (web interface)

This is one another method of resetting your Netgear router to its original factory state. But it is important here to note that this reset method can only be used after getting into the router setup portal. The user cannot use this method of reset if they have forgotten the login details for the router. In the event of forgetting the login details, the only way you are left with for resetting is through the reset button provided.

Read below the instructions carefully to reset the router through routerlogin.net

  1. Open the web browser and enter the web address routerlogin.net in its URL bar.
  2. Now, enter the login details like the username and the password in the fields wherever required. The default username and the password are “admin” and “password”.
  3. Then you will get to see the whole Netgear router setup page in which you have to click the system settings tab.
  4. Then click the factory reset tab located in the left menu pane of the router setup window.
  5. Once, you have clicked the factory reset tab in the left menu pane of the window, your router will get a reboot within a fraction of second and all the data on it will be erased.
  6. Your router is now restored to its original routerlogin.net factory settings and factory firmware version.

Important information regarding the Netgear router reset

  1. It is always advisable to use the wired Ethernet connection for the devices when you are performing the major operations like the router reset, router firmware update, router setup or configuration etc.
  2. Make sure the reboot when happens, it should happen smoothly and without any interference as any kind of interference can end up in the firmware damage of the router.
  3. Also, make sure the above-said operations on the router aren’t interrupted due to the power source. Try to use the reliable power sources that do not snap in between the course of reset, update or configuration.

Does the router reset also downgrades the firmware version of the router?

In most of the cases, if you have selected the factory reset button, and then the firmware of the router will sure downgrade to its original factory version and the user will need to update the firmware of their router again.

What are the main differences between the reset done through the reset button and the reset done through routerlogin.net web interface?

There is one major difference between both the reset methods. The reset done by pushing the reset button can be done in any of the situations.

But when the user wants to reset the router only for the maintenance purpose like for removing the lagging or hang issues, the reset can be done by accessing the web portal of the router. At the same time, you have to note that if the user has forgotten the login password of the router, then they can reset the router only by pressing the reset button given on the router.

How often can we reset the router to its original state?

There is no limit as such on the router reset, but it is advisable to not reset the router unnecessarily as it would surely consume some of your precious time and unnecessary resets on the router can harm the firmware of the router. Also, the firmware version degrades to its original factory version when you perform a reset on the router. Therefore, it is important not to reset the router without any strong reason.

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